About Brooke View Doodles

My name is Rob Barrington, owner/breeder of Brooke View Doodles. I grew up with dogs of all kinds and have been a dog lover all of my life.

My Mom has been a dog breeder for a long time, and she taught me the caring, nurturing and hard work associated with running a successful dog breeding business.

Like her, I am dedicated to having only the best breeding dogs with awesome temperaments so that my puppies will be highly regarded and make the best possible companions with long healthy lives.

I don't plan to breed a lot of litters, so that I can keep living with my dogs and they can continue to be family members.

I have a passion for the red color, and plan to specialize in red Goldendoodles while still producing cream and apricot also.

This is my newest Mom in training - Sadie. She is a beautiful red standard Poodle, and we are excited for her first litter, which should be available in early 2018.

Rob Barrington - Owner Brooke View Doodles in Michigan


Brooke - Red Goldendoodle

My first breeding dog is Brooke. I raised her from a puppy and couldn't ask for a better dog. Brooke is the inspiration and the namesake for my business, Brooke View Doodles.

Brooke is one of the sweetest dogs and is the best companion I could want. She turned out to be a wonderful Puppy Mom and seems to actually love her puppies!

Brooke is the model for all of my other dogs. Not only is she a gorgeous red color, but she has an amazing temperament and is universally adored wherever she goes.

Our future dogs are similar to Brooke. Using my Mom's great connections, we are fortunate to have very good sources for our upcoming parent dogs.

A few of Brooke's Past Puppies

Red Goldendoodle Puppies from Brooke
Red Goldendoodle Puppies from Brooke
Red Goldendoodle Puppies from Brooke

Our Location

We are located close to Grand Rapids, MI, one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse towns in Michigan. Our dogs live in the house with us and are family members (sometimes we think they are just letting us live with them!) We are within driving distance of Detroit, Chicago, Indiana and Ohio. We also ship all over the country.

Customer Service

I hope you'll consider owning one of my Goldendoodle puppies. My goal is to produce puppies that are well-adjusted family companions. I aim to provide the best possible purchasing experience and am committed to helping you choose the puppy that is right for your family.